Designing Your New Brand/ Business Logo

Nothing says more about your company than your logo and branding. It tells the world what you are and what you aim to offer the public who consume your product or services. You need your logo on your letterhead and your branding in the style of paper and presentation of those letters. It features in all your advertising materials and throughout your marketing campaigns. If you fail to get your logo and branding right, your business could fail. That’s why you need RMP’s expert help to set up your new logo and branding.

Brand Development

Our competencies include world-class corporate design and copywriting. In addition to creating brands, we also offer ongoing brand development input including communications, training and support. We don’t just create effective and engaging brand identities – we help to build them.

Brand Strategy

We can help you get it right by mapping out the bigger picture before you set off on your brand’s journey. Our approach combines a strategic look at local and international competitors and best practice, creative branding strategy (including concept development) and positioning strategy.

Touchpoint Development

Touchpoints include everything from business cards and letterheads to reports, flyers and catalogues. Each brand has its own blend of touchpoints, so it’s all about translating without rubberstamping. How do we convey the brand without overusing the logo?